Virtual DIY Package

Tackle Your Clutter With Our Professional Tips

Schedule a video tour with our organizational coach in the Broussard & Lafayette, LA area

So, you've decided to organize your space. What next? Just Organizing You can help you make a plan. We'll meet with you virtually and observe as you give us a video tour of your home. Then, we'll provide video coaching to teach you tips and tricks for decluttering your space. Our organizer will even give you product recommendations so you'll know exactly what you need to transform your home!

You'll feel confident tidying up your living areas after getting insight during a video coaching session. Contact us right away to set up a virtual consultation with our professional organizer in the Broussard & Lafayette, LA area.

Pick the video chatting platform you prefer

Setting up a video tour with our organizational pro is simple. We'll meet with you for a two-hour session over the platform you prefer, including on:

  • Zoom
  • FaceTime
  • Google Duo

You can get all of our tips and ideas virtually for just $250 for one space. If you book a consultation today for only $50 - this will apply to your total payment if you book service with us!

Find out more about video coaching services when you reach out to us today.