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Shannon Miller, Supermom + Professional Organizer

Shannon was born in New Orleans, Louisiana with creole culture and southern roots. She's the oldest of six siblings. She learned early on through her parents especially her mother on how to keep a pristine home through household chores. It was during these times when she began to learn about order and the importance of keeping things neat.

As she ventured into the business world little would change. Her prior law enforcement background enhanced her meticulous insight and attention to detail to further stir her passion for organization. Initially, she began doing home projects for herself and her family members showcasing how decluttering creates stress-free environments. These experiences inspired her to follow her passion for organization and start her business to help other people struggling to have order in their homes.

Shannon loves making people happy. Organizing and creative design gives her the space to thrive in her purpose. Shannon enjoys time with her family. She is a woman of faith, a wife, a mother of two Briana + Isaiah and as of last month a new GiGi to her grandson Eli. She loves the arts, reading, traveling and enjoying the simplicity of life!

A few more things about Shannon

  • Alma Mater: University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  • Favorite television shows: Watching Chip + JoAnna Gaines, Marie Kondo Tidy episodes, Million Dollar Listings, and pretty much any d├ęcor, organizing or design show.
  • Favorite Go to Desserts: Dove Ice-cream bars & Mom's Homemade desserts
  • Favorite Starbuck drinks: Caramel Frappuccino, White Chocolate Mocha coffee, or Caramel Latte. She loves to pair it with Banana nut or Pumpkin loaf.
  • Favorite teas: I love collecting tea. My favorite teas are Indian Black Tea & Chai Tea.